Jumbled June

Hello my friends, June is now here and the unpredictable turbulence of 2020 continues to unfold. Although most art shows are still on hiatus, I may put some more work online via Etsy later in June. Stay tuned. In the mean time keep washing your hands. Also, the voice of the hurting, the minorities that […]

Putting the May in Mayhem

Sooooooo…… there are a bunch of tiny monsters floating about bringing the world to a stop. I didn’t even make that up, it’s true. Oh and hugs are basically a no go. A few events I was to be a part of such as Free Comic Book Day at Empire Comics and the Big Names […]

April and the Adventures of Social Distancing

Hello friends, well, we entered a strange alternate dimension in March and as we cruise into April. A dimension where tiny little monsters are floating through the earth and causing bans on hugs, lockdowns on toilet paper and anxiety as the new norm. But I am here to still make art and hopefully give some […]

March Mania

Welcome to March 2020!!! 3 months deep into the future! Here is where you can find me and my art this month! Two very exciting shows! 03/14/2020 – 04/24/2020: The Reality of Dreams at Sacramento California’s Fe Gallery!! A four person show featuring myself, John Stuart Berger, Jared Tharp, and Waylon Horner! I will have […]

First-Class February

Hello friends! It is time for another round of where is my art this month! Check out the shenanigans below and see you out there! 01/30/2020 – 02/05/2020 Be sure be sure to log into the Sacramento News and Review blog! You will find a one panel comic written by the talented Ben Shwartz (of […]

January Joy

Welcome to 2020 my friends. Hopefully now that we are in the future and 2020 is upon us, we can all see a little clearer. And with those new found eagle eyes, be sure to check out where me and my art will be this month! 01/03/20 – 01/05/20: I will have a custom made […]

Delectable December

A wonderland of winter has descended upon us. And to help warm the orbs in your eye sockets I have several shows to help you stay merry all month long! December 6th – Through the end of the month: I will have a piece in the 100 under 100 show at WAL (Warehouse Artist Lofts) […]

Not a whole lot November

It is November and a month set aside for Thanks! Taking the month off from shows and whatnot (unless I get restless and a show or two as the month progresses.) But in the meantime, smile, explore, be kind, notice the beauty around you, love, hug and see you all in December! 🙂

October O’ Fun!

October is here! My favorite month of the year!!! Spooky kookiness abounds around every corner! Joy!! Here is where you will find my art doodles this time around. October 1st and all month long: I am participating in Mab Graves Drawlloween!! 31 spooky prompts and a new art piece is revealed each day beginning on […]

Silly September!!

September has shaped up to be a busy month!! Fun stuff all month long, check it out 🙂 September 12th: I will once again be at the always awesome Crocker Con! Hosted by the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento! A fun night filled with new art, fun people, smiles, music and comics! Come meet the […]