May this Month Treat you well

Hello my amazing friends!! This month is busy so let’s get right to it!!! May 4th: I will have four brand new Star Wars paintings up in Palm Springs over at Artize Gallery!!! All in celebration of Star Wars Day!! It is going to a show of cinematic proportions! Check out Artize’s website here: […]

April and adventure in Allergies

Hello art fans! Here are the projects and shows I am involved with this month! Take that allergy medicine and head out into the awesome that is April! See you there! All month long: California for the Arts is putting together a month long celebration using art to Heal, Advance Social Justice, Build Community, Create […]

March against War!

Hello friends, well as the pandemic begins to fade a new threat to the world emerges 🙁 Ukraine is under attack and the world is watching, and wondering how it will end. But with war it is always a loss. I continue to be the change I wish to see in the world and I […]

Flippin’ February!

Hello my friends! We made it to 2022 and are 12th of the way finished! Here is where my art will be this month! Check it out, grab a haircut, eat some good food and lay peepers on the art doodles I have in store! All Month: My solo show at Jimmy’s Barber Garage is […]

Jumping January

Well, welcome to 2022 my friends! The future is here! A new show and a continued show is what I got on the menu this month. Check it out and hope to see you out there! Here is to a healthy and happy new year 🙂 All month long: My show at Jimmy’s Barber Garage […]

Doodle through December

Hello friends, we are now in the home stretch of 2021!! Here is where you will find my fun loving paint doodles to bring you into the new year! 12/01/2021 I will have a few pieces up at the always awesome Artize Gallery in Palm Springs California! And I will be there in person for […]

November Nothing

Hello folks! Pictured above is just a little fun I was having with a projector and some deceased roses. Loved the effect! Which is a good transition into telling you all that I don’t have a lot of art events this month. Making some art for myself, and prepping for a solo show in December […]

October Rocktober

Hello party people! Welcome to my favorite month! October is when the leaves match the sunset and everyone embraces their darker side with a cupcake feeling of delight! Here is where my art will be this month my groovie ghoulies! October 1st and all month long: I am honored to have the opportunity to have […]

Saucy September

Hello friends! I hope this post finds you well. The intensity of 2020/2021 is still kicking strong. I hope you are doing good and navigating through it all with kindness, a calm mind, and hope for a better tomorrow. I have a few art happenings this month and I hope you are able to check […]

August with Gusto

Welcome to August! Looks like we will be wearing masks for quite some time, but take away your woes by filling your peepers with some art! Here is where my art will be this month, be sure to check it out while you can 🙂 Ongoing through August 20th The Barn Gallery in Woodland hosted […]