Into the 3rd month of the year 2021 A.D. (March)

Welcome to March everyone! Covid Vaccines are in full swing and Spring is in the air!  Let’s keep up this momentum! Here are a few places to find my art this month. Thank you for looking and being awesome my friends! 03/01/2021 – until the run out: I made some stickers for the awesome new […]

February – 2021 is and here chaos and beauty surround us

Hello friends, we made it to February 2021. The pandemic is still here, our nation has gone through some intense political times and wall street/social media is wacky as ever! But February is also a month to celebrate love and all that means to you. So relax, enjoy some art and show some love. Here […]

And the dawn of a new era begins… 2021

Whew! So 2020 just happened! Okay, let’s move on. I have a few fun things in store for you all this month, read on and enjoy! And remember that I love you 🙂 January: The mural I made with the awesome folks at the Sacramento Artist Corps has delayed the install to January. Which means […]

Dubious December

Hello Friends! The final month of this intense year is finally upon us! I hope the end of the year is held safely and restfully. And at the very least I hope health finds you well. My bright colors and happy paints are here to help you find your way through it all! Here is […]

Nifty November

Hello friends! November has approached and we have some eventful moments before this whacky year winds down. Here is where you will find my art this month! 11/03/20 Election day! I created a vote poster to encourage folks (that includes you) to go vote! It was part of a project with Uptown Studios and the […]

Opulent October

Hello Friends, this October will be busy! And I hope you can check out some of the fun places and events my art will show up this week! Yay! 10/02/2020 Don’t miss this year’s PBS KVIE Art Auction on October 2-4! You will be able to bid on my artwork and works by many other […]

Sassy September

Hello my friends and welcome to September! I have a good handful of fun art events for you this time around, wash your hands, put on a mask, bring your six foot measuring tapes and dive right in! September 5th: I am participating the Graffiti For Good Wall Art Competition! I will be painting along […]

Awkward August

Hello my friends, Heading into August and taking a small hiatus to work on some personal art projects. But I will be back next month for some cool stuff! However, there are a few highlights for this month. August and ongoing: I have some art featured in the current issue of Tube Mag!!! Curated by […]

Jumbled July

Hello my friends, hope all is well and you are healthy. As this crazy year comes to the half way point, I have a few places you can find my art. 07/01/2020 – 07/18/2020 My Painting, “Golden Afternoon” is now up for bid at the Crocker Art Museum’s Big Names Small Art (BNSA) Auction! “Golden […]

Jumbled June

Hello my friends, June is now here and the unpredictable turbulence of 2020 continues to unfold. Although most art shows are still on hiatus, I may put some more work online via Etsy later in June. Stay tuned. In the mean time keep washing your hands. Also, the voice of the hurting, the minorities that […]