October Rocktober

Hello party people! Welcome to my favorite month! October is when the leaves match the sunset and everyone embraces their darker side with a cupcake feeling of delight! Here is where my art will be this month my groovie ghoulies! October 1st and all month long: I am honored to have the opportunity to have […]

Saucy September

Hello friends! I hope this post finds you well. The intensity of 2020/2021 is still kicking strong. I hope you are doing good and navigating through it all with kindness, a calm mind, and hope for a better tomorrow. I have a few art happenings this month and I hope you are able to check […]

August with Gusto

Welcome to August! Looks like we will be wearing masks for quite some time, but take away your woes by filling your peepers with some art! Here is where my art will be this month, be sure to check it out while you can 🙂 Ongoing through August 20th The Barn Gallery in Woodland hosted […]

July continued to bring the heat

Hello my friends. Summer is here and the sun is showing off! As July begins to nestle in and makes it’s home into the summer of 2021, I wanted to share a couple of fun mural shows I am honored to be a part of. 07/02/2021 Hosted by Blue Line Arts Gallery and the Fountains […]

The summer of 2021 has begun, welcome to June

Welcome to the summer’s prequel to July. June. If you are looking for where my art will be this month, you have come the right place. Scroll through the menagerie of listings below and enjoy! 06/12/2021 I will be participating in the Game of Shrooms! Started by Attaboy of Hi Fructose fame. A worldwide scavenger […]

Putting the May in Mayhem!

Hello Friends and fellow color enthusiasts! Not sure what this month’s blog title means, but I thought it sounded clever. Anyways, hope you are getting some handy dandy vaccinations and are ready to see some art! Here is where my art will be this month! Check it out and Happy Mother’s Day to all you […]

April brings an awaking of vaccine and hope

Hello Friends, this month marks the date where most folks 16 and older can finally get the vaccine. Hopefully the hope to end or contain this pandemic and bring is in to a post pandemic world. That being said, the two projects I am associated with are all around Covid safety! Fun! April 15th and […]

Into the 3rd month of the year 2021 A.D. (March)

Welcome to March everyone! Covid Vaccines are in full swing and Spring is in the air!  Let’s keep up this momentum! Here are a few places to find my art this month. Thank you for looking and being awesome my friends! 03/01/2021 – until the run out: I made some stickers for the awesome new […]

February – 2021 is and here chaos and beauty surround us

Hello friends, we made it to February 2021. The pandemic is still here, our nation has gone through some intense political times and wall street/social media is wacky as ever! But February is also a month to celebrate love and all that means to you. So relax, enjoy some art and show some love. Here […]

And the dawn of a new era begins… 2021

Whew! So 2020 just happened! Okay, let’s move on. I have a few fun things in store for you all this month, read on and enjoy! And remember that I love you 🙂 January: The mural I made with the awesome folks at the Sacramento Artist Corps has delayed the install to January. Which means […]