August of wind!

Hello friends and super friends! It is August and you can find my work in a couple of fun shows this month! Check it out and go fill your eye holes with art!

I am honored to be in the first annual Mushroom Show at Helvella Gallery in Oakland California! Amazing talent on the line up and they even have a guest biologist! So fun!!! Be sure to check out the event here:

I am in a fantastic show curated by John Berger at FE Gallery! Survival is a group show filled to the bring with amazing talent! Check out the line up above! If you are in the Sacramento area, make sure to check this one out! Peep the details here:

All month long and on going:
I featured for a quick second over on American Dream TV!!! Awesome! It can be streamed in many ways, but you can check out the full episode here:

Alright folks, go get some art culture in your lives, stay healthy, keep smiling, rest and have adventure! See you out there!