The Tune of June

Hello Friends and we have made our way to June 2022!! Yay!!!

I have a few places you can find me and my art this month! Big and small. I will be participating in a mural event and showing at the tiniest gallery in Sacramento! Fun!!!

06/01 – until it is gone…
I have a piece in the 59th Street Mini Art Gallery!!! It is a tiny gallery that sits in a small box on a front long. Beautiful work exits inside. Take some art and leave some art. Located at 59th and 2nd street! Find out more here:

Game of Shrooms returns! A world wide scavenger hunt filled with mushroom art from all over the world!!! Follow your favorite artists as they leave clues where you can find the shroom based masterpieces. And if you find them, it is finders keepers! I will be hiding two pieces this year, so stay tuned to my Instagram. Check out more about the event here:

I will be painting a mural for Blue Line Art Gallery’s Mini Mural Fest during 3rd Saturday! It is going to be a blast! Come on by and see it created right before your eyes! Watch Blueline’s website for all the details 🙂

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Stay creative my friends!