July continued to bring the heat

Hello my friends. Summer is here and the sun is showing off! As July begins to nestle in and makes it’s home into the summer of 2021, I wanted to share a couple of fun mural shows I am honored to be a part of.

Hosted by Blue Line Arts Gallery and the Fountains of Roseville, I will be in a Mini Mural competition painting live at the Fountains from 8am until 9pm on July 2nd! This is going to be a blast!!! And rumor has it, they may just have a live TV spot, so stay tuned! Oh and be sure to vote for your favorite throughout the weekend! Check out more details over at Blue Line Arts website: https://www.bluelinearts.org/

07/08/2021 – 08/19/21
I am honored to have another mini mural in the Larger than Life: Murals in the Making show! My mural speaks to directly to our treatment of the ocean and specifically how we treat it so awful. This show is going to be fun though! Community mural that everyone can be a part of as well as a brand new mural created by the Cesar Chavez Community School! The show is happening in Woodland Ca at the Barn Gallery! Be sure to check out the details here: https://yoloarts.org/

Okay my friends, grab some cold water and come say hi! 🙂