The summer of 2021 has begun, welcome to June

Welcome to the summer’s prequel to July. June. If you are looking for where my art will be this month, you have come the right place. Scroll through the menagerie of listings below and enjoy!

I will be participating in the Game of Shrooms! Started by Attaboy of Hi Fructose fame. A worldwide scavenger hunt where artists create mushroom related art, hide them in urban places, post on instagram for the public to find and keep for free! It is a blast! Follow me on Instagram @jaredkonopitski and stay tuned as I post clues to where you can find my art on June 12th in Sacramento! In the mean time check out the world wide map and more here:

Now through 06/25/2021:
The Tiny Monsters show at Fe Gallery is still in full swing and truly should not be missed! Check it out online or in person. Teeny tiny creatures just waiting for a home. Take a look here:

Uptown Studios has put together a fun little shindig where they will give you a shot to celebrate your vaccine shot! Fun! Happening at the Russ Room at Solomon’s delicatessen. AND you grab the poster art I designed for their masks up sleeves up campaign! Awesome! Check out the event details here:

Now through June:
I made an NFT! My first one ever! I made it out of curiosity to learn all about this world of Crypto, but you can even bid on it right now! Check it out here:

More to come next month! Go get a vaccine and be able to hug again!