And the dawn of a new era begins… 2021

Whew! So 2020 just happened! Okay, let’s move on.
I have a few fun things in store for you all this month, read on and enjoy! And remember that I love you 🙂

January: The mural I made with the awesome folks at the Sacramento Artist Corps has delayed the install to January. Which means it will be going up soon! Stay tuned for the exact location. But the bright colors and COVID safety raccoon will be making appearance in no time! 🙂 In the meantime, please read this article about the project here at the Sacramento News and Review site:

January and ongoing: Also as part of the project noted above, I was also able to create some fun images for a COVID safety themed coloring book! Myself, along with Shaun Burner, Franceska Gamez, Nate Flamm, Lopan 4000, Tayler Pannell,Ramona Garcia, and Esther Marie Hall contributed to this amazing book! You can find it in person at the La Familia Counseling Center and Asian Resources Inc. OR you can download it for free at

January 9th: I will have a piece in the annual Post Cards From the Edge! But this time Virtual! 2021 will mark the 23rd year of Visual AIDS’ benefit art sale and we hope that you will participate. Postcards from the Edge is Visual AIDS’ most popular and successful annual benefit event. It is not only a highlight of the art world each year for artists and collectors, but also provides essential funding to help us carry out our mission and programming. Check out the event here:

January and ongoing: Check it out! I now have the watercolor originals shown above plus more at Lin Fei Fei’s new art space located in the Warehouse Artist Lofts in Sacramento! It is a fantastic shop/gallery filled to the brim with talented artists! If you find yourself in the area, please stop and check out the awesome! You will be happy you did! Find more about the space here:

Alright, that is all for now! Here is to a healthy and happy new year my friends! 🙂

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