Nifty November

Hello friends!

November has approached and we have some eventful moments before this whacky year winds down. Here is where you will find my art this month!

11/03/20 Election day! I created a vote poster to encourage folks (that includes you) to go vote! It was part of a project with Uptown Studios and the Drinkthisandvote campaign over at Oak Park Brewing company. Folks have already started printing them out and pasting them as encouragement to make your voice heard! Go print yours out today here and go vote!!!


11/07/20 I will have another fun solo show at Empire Comics in Sacramento! New pieces and a few classics! All ready to be viewed by your eyeballs! Be sure to stop by and buy a comic book or two while you are at it! Details on the venue here:

See you out there! And until next month, be safe, be healthy and go vote!

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