Jumbled July

Hello my friends, hope all is well and you are healthy. As this crazy year comes to the half way point, I have a few places you can find my art.

07/01/2020 – 07/18/2020

My Painting, “Golden Afternoon” is now up for bid at the Crocker Art Museum’s Big Names Small Art (BNSA) Auction! “Golden Afternoon” was inspired by that sweet point in the late afternoon, where night begins to creep in the shadows! The work is even presented on a fancy metallic gold canvas! To bid on this artwork, and over 200 other incredible works, you must sign up on Bidsquare.com. After you sign up, just search for “Golden Afternoon”! Plus, don’t miss the Live Auction event streaming on Bidsquare on July 18, at 5:30 PM. Tune in to here https://www.bidsquare.com/auctions/crocker-art-museum/crocker-art-museum—live-auction-5173 to see a spirited live auction of 10 artworks and to raise your virtual paddle in the Crocker’s Fund-a-Need.

07/11/2020 – all month

I have designed another custom Munny for the always fun Art of Toys Munny show! With the likes of Laurelin Gilmore, Lin Fei Fei, and Julie Okahara you know it is going to be good! Details on the venue here: https://artoftoys.com/

July – the entire month. My art as part of the reality of dreams show with Waylon Horner, Jared Tharp and John Berger are still available on Fe Gallery’s website! Be sure to check it out here and grab a piece or two 🙂 https://www.fegallery.com/the-reality-of-dreams/

Be safe, wear a mask, end white supremacy, shoot for the stars, vote, don’t play with fire, eat your vegetables, call your loved ones, show kindness, don’t stress, exercise, live in the moment, and be the change you wish to see in the moment, because now is the time and hindsight is 2020.