Awkward August

Hello my friends,

Heading into August and taking a small hiatus to work on some personal art projects. But I will be back next month for some cool stuff!

However, there are a few highlights for this month.

August and ongoing:

I have some art featured in the current issue of Tube Mag!!! Curated by Melissa Uroff and is basically a journal of all the wackiness this year through the eyes of artists. The issue (number ten) ALREADY SOLD OUT! But you can purchase it on back order here:


I made some limited edition masks and all but one is already sold! However, that last one may already be taken as you read this. Let me know if you are interested and I can let you know if it still available 🙂

August 15th:

I will have a piece in the Game of Shrooms epic scavenger hunt. Be sure to follow the hashtag #gameofshrooms on Instagram for clues on Mushrooms hidden near you, then go out and find them on August 15th! If you are the first to find it, then it is yours! For free! Awesome! Check out more details here:


I made a piece about ice cream and hugs! And I was paid in a summer long helping of ice cream! Sort of. Anyway, I have never achieved a mass amount of ice cream for a piece, so I thought I would mention it because it makes me happy, ha ha!

See you next month my friends and stay safe!

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