Putting the May in Mayhem

Sooooooo…… there are a bunch of tiny monsters floating about bringing the world to a stop.

I didn’t even make that up, it’s true. Oh and hugs are basically a no go.

A few events I was to be a part of such as Free Comic Book Day at Empire Comics and the Big Names Small Art show at the Crocker Art Museum, are not happening as planned. However, follow me on facebook (just search Jared Konopitski) and instagram @jaredkonopitski and I will be putting a few pieces up to support the would be events, venues and business anyway. So stay tuned as May progresses. Also, I will post a bunch of sketches too just for the heck of it! See you over in the virtual my friends! And don’t forget to click on my Etsy link to find some current paintings for self to help spruce up that shelter in place. Not today Corona, not today!

Be well and wash your hands (like you should have been before this whole COVID shenanigans started.)