January Joy

Welcome to 2020 my friends. Hopefully now that we are in the future and 2020 is upon us, we can all see a little clearer. And with those new found eagle eyes, be sure to check out where me and my art will be this month!

01/03/20 – 01/05/20: I will have a custom made mini artwork in the disguise of a post card for Visual Aids 22nd annual Post Cards From the Edge! Happening in Tribeca New York!! Great art for a great cause! Check out the details here: https://visualaids.org/events/detail/22nd-annual-postcards-from-the-edge

I will have a few small mail art pieces in the awesome Postage Paid Show at Slushbox Gallery in Florida! Going to be a fun show with all art received naked and postmarked! Check out all the fun here: http://www.slushbox.com/viewShowInfo.asp?ID=93

01/11/20 – February 2020:
I will have a few classic pieces in the Art of Toys retrospective show! Plus, a few brand new doodles added to their custom art doodle bin! Fun! Check out the venue details here: https://artoftoys.com/

That is where you will find me as we start this decade! Plus if you find yourself in Campbell or San Jose, be sure to stop by Psycho Donuts and still take a peep at some of my paint doodles there too! 🙂