May Mayhem

Hello all you wonderful folks! Spring is in full force and the same goes for art shindigs too! Here is where you can find me and my art this month!

May 1st – May 3rd: I am honored to have a piece in the “Mental Illness: It is not what you think” show hosted by the Sacramento County Department of Health Services. The show is up right now inside the State Capitol Building until May 3rd. Details on the show here:

May 4th: I will have a piece in Slushbox Gallery’s Nerdcore VII show! All things nerdy merge with the fine arts! Show takes place in Florida and is going to be a blast! Check out more details here:

May 4th: I will have a whole load of brand new pieces, doodles, enamel pins, prints and more at the  epic that is Free Comic Book Day Fest at Empire comics in Sacramento. Check out the awesome here:

May23rd: I will have a piece in the Crocker Art Museum’s BNSA. BNSA (Big Names, Small Art) is a casual outdoor event that features silent auctions of nearly 400 small artworks (12 x 12 inches or less) with bidding on each starting at just $25, regardless of the work’s fair market value. BNSA has become a spirited art party with more than 1,000 guests vying to acquire works for their personal collections. Details here:

All month long: Pre Orders have begun for BSquad. Picked  up by the folks who make Rick and  Morty and Morel Orel! I have some art in these pages and I strongly suggest you check it out! Deatails here:

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