Marvelous March

Welcome to March everybody!! Spring is just around the corner and art projects are starting to take shape! March 1st: Friend and local comic book artist Kyrun Silva is holding his first ever Kickstarter for Shaman’s Destiny volume 1!! A fantastic story with original characters and I was even honored to create a special pin […]

February Fun!!!

Welcome to February everybody!! Here is where you will find my art shenanigans this month! I may add a few more as the month progresses so stay tuned! 🙂 All month: I will have another design in the TIF Sticker club for my third year in a row! Folks subscribe and get amazing limited edition […]

January 2017 and New Beginnings

2017 is upon us and my wife and I are ringing in the new year with a brand new baby boy! Baby Konopitski is the greatest adventure we have ever started and excited to see where it will take us. I am on a semi art hiatus as I learn how to raise a little […]

December Delights

The December chill has set in nicely. Here is where me and my art will be chillin’ this month! December 3rd: I will have several post it arts in GiantRobot‘s Post It Show 12 in Los Angeles!!! Curated by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson featuring several walls from amazing artists! All work done on […]

November Shmovember

I will be on Vacation this month, so not many art shows for me. However, I should mention I have recently sent some work to be on display at the new Psycho Donuts in Santa Clara!!! Be sure to check out their website for more: See you all in December!! PS. Also, if you […]

October Hauntings

Here are where me and my paintings will be this October! Some hauntingly good times are sure to be had! October 8th and 9th: Jill Allyn Stafford and I will be at APE, the Alternative Press Expo hosted by Slave Labor Graphics in San Jose!!! We will be at booth 224 under the name Stafford/Konopitski […]

Sassy September

September 2016 is now upon us! Here is where you will find me and my art this month! September 2nd and 10th: I will be joining forces with legendary artist Super Ugly for a dual show of epic proportions! Chromaville! There will be 3D ChromaSpec glasses to help the viewer fully immerse into the world […]

The Amazing World of August

August 13th: My monsters will be hanging out a bit longer, but this time in the Sci Fi and Comic Show over at Art of Toys in Sacramento! Always a fun show featuring amazing local talents of the comic sci fi variety. Check out the details of the venue here: August 20th: I will […]

Superfly July

  Welcome to July 2016 everybody!! Here are a few shenanigans my doodles will be showing up too! July 1st: I got to make a bit of art for Dean Haakenson’s (of Be Brave Bold Robot fame) new Short Raps Project!! I also make a special appearance in one of the upcoming music videos for […]

June Bugs!

Welcome to June everybody! This month I have taken a bit of hiatus from art shows to go on a few adventures. However, I did open a Threadless Shop and I am just testing it out. If you would like to have a piece of my art on some awesome clothes please check out the […]