May Mayhem

May is here and Spring is in full effect! Here is where you can head out into the pleasant temperatures and find my paint doodles for this month. May 5th: I will have a whole ton of new paintings, mini sketches, limited edition View Master Reels and even a new sculpture all at the epic […]

Magnificent March

The year is now 1/4 of the way completed and here is where my art will be this month! Hope you are all having a splendid 2018 so far! All month and ongoing: I have an illustration as part of the COMPLEXITY compilation. Created by Lob Instagon of the Instagon Foundation. A part mix tape […]

Fun Filled February

  This month I have a bit of a short hiatus in order to paint draw and just take a breather. But stay tuned next month for more shenanigans. All month and Feb 24th: Although I am on a small break, I still have a piece up in the current Stranger 2 Art show now […]

Joyful January

  Welcome to 2018!! It is now the future! Here is where my art will be this month! Starting this year off right with bright colors and strange creatures! January 6th: I will have a solo show at Empire Comics in Sacramento!!! Filled with a ton of new paintings and a few classics. Hope to […]

Delicious December

Welcome to December everyone and whew, this is a busy month! Check out where me and my art will be this month and hopefully I will see you out there! Happy Holidays!!!! Dec 1st and ongoing: I was honored enough to have a painting permanently on display at the new Salvation Army homeless shelter, Center […]

Narely November

November is here already, yeesh! Here are the places you will find my art this month! Hope to see you out there! November 11th: I will have work in the Pink Week show!!! Created by Gioia Fonda and is a holiday with the main purpose is to observe and commemorate the color pink for pink’s […]

Outstanding October

Welcome to October everyone, and as usual, here is where you will find me and my art this month! Oct 2nd: I will have a piece in the KVIE Art Auction preview gala. A wonderful event created to help see the art for the auction first, get a chance to bid, rub elbows with the […]

Splendid September

Welcome to September of 2017 everyone!! Here are where me and my art stuffs will be this month! Get those eye orbs of yours ready! Sept 9th: I am honored to be a part of the Fins and Feathers group show at the Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento hosted by the talented Angela Tannehill!! A lot […]

Augmented August

  Welcome to August everybody! Here is where you will find my art shenanigans this month! August 1st, all month long (With Artist Reception on August 17th) My brand new solo show “Stories” will be premiering at the KVIE Art Gallery (located at the PBS affiliated KVIE Studios. Proceeds will go to me and PBS/KVIE. […]