Astounding August

This is where you will find me and my art this month! Hope to see you out there!

Aug 9th – 18th
I was added to the Wide Open Walls mural festival here in Sacramento!!! Come see me make my biggest outdoor mural yet! I will be out there from August 9th – 18th at random times painting it up! Come find me at 1625 Del Paso Blvd. The mural fest itself is including the likes of Shepard Fairy, Camille Rose Garcia, Kristen Farr and so many more!! This is gonna be fun! More details on the festival in general can be found here:

Aug 18th
Also part of the Wide Open Walls festivities I will have some studios pieces on display at their closing party over at 1625 Del Paso Blvd!! Gonna be a blast!!! Plus, you will be able to take a peep at my finished mural 🙂

Aug 11th
I will have a piece in the Inner Soul 2 show. All proceeds will be generated from a silent auction used to benefit Joshua House, a hospice for the Homeless. A truly great cause with great art! Be sure to check it out here:

Aug 11th and through the month
Also, my monsters will make once again make an appearance at Art Of Toys this August in Sacramento as part of the Comics and Sci Fi show!! Woo hoo!! Be sure to check it out! Details can be found

See you out there my friends!!!

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