Splendid September

Welcome to September of 2017 everyone!! Here are where me and my art stuffs will be this month! Get those eye orbs of yours ready!

Sept 9th:
I am honored to be a part of the Fins and Feathers group show at the Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento hosted by the talented Angela Tannehill!! A lot of great talent in this one, so be sure not to miss it! Details on the fun here: https://www.facebook.com/events/700115976849727/

Sept 14th:
The epic event called Crocker Con is once again upon us! Hosted by the Crocker Art Museum and featuring a whole culture of geeks, artists, creators and comics! Fine art meets pop culture! Plus, the AMAZING Hi Fructose Anniversary show will be up during the entire event to add even more to the epicness! I will have a whole ton of new paintings and art to show you, so do not miss this! Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/663765687147003/

Sept 19th:
I will also have a specially made piece of art for the art auction being held at this year’s Women Lawyers 23rd annual Art Fest! All proceeds from this event are retained by the WLS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, to be used for awarding scholarships to deserving law school students and grants to local organizations serving the greater Sacramento area. So great! Happening at Beatnik studios in Sacramento! Details here: http://womenlawyers-sacramento.org/wls-foundation/artfest/

Sept 29th:

I will have a piece I made as a tribute to Gary Pruner at his memorial graciously hosted by the Sparrow Gallery. Gary was the first person to truly introduce me to color. What he taught me, I still use today and I believe will inspire my paintings until the day I finally lay down my brush for the last time. His use of color was not just a technique, but a way to look at the world around us in a truly unique fashion. He once said to me that ideas are stronger than skill, because skill can be taught, but true creative ideas are not so easily learned. I based my entire art career off of this thinking. May he rest now knowing that through his inspiration, teachings, and just the person he was, his colors will never fade. Thank you Mr. Pruner for every shade, hue and contrast you taught me to see.

All month long:
My solo show at KVIE Studios is still up for another month! So be sure not to miss it! And, I still have a piece in the Tiny Monsters show over at FE Gallery! Both places are open Monday thru Friday 9am until 5pm! So don’t miss out! Details on the KVIE show here: http://www.kvie.org/events/kvie-gallery and Details on the Tiny Monster show here: https://www.fegallery.com/

See you out there my friends!!!

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