December Delights


The December chill has set in nicely. Here is where me and my art will be chillin’ this month!

December 3rd:

I will have several post it arts in GiantRobot‘s Post It Show 12 in Los Angeles!!! Curated by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson featuring several walls from amazing artists! All work done on a standard post it! Participants have included: Audrey Kawasaki’s Art, James Jean, Gary Baseman, Nathan Ota, Matt Groening, Souther Salazar, Pendleton Ward, Luke Chueh, The Art Of Skinner, Alex Chiu, Art of Amy Sol, Travis Lampe and many others!!! Details on the awesome here: Don’t miss this!!!

December 9th: I will have a little blurb in the Stranger Things art show program book! Designed to look like the Year book from the show’s elementary school! So fun! The show itself includes 50 artists from around the world! It is gonna be epic! Happening in Sacramento at Outlet Coworking and presented by Menagerie. More details here:

December 17th:

I will have a piece in the yearly holiday show Krampusmas!!! Held at 63 Bluxome Gallery in San Francisco! If you were a bad little girl or boy you could be carted away by the Krampus. if you hear chains in the cold dark night, you’re screwed. Come celebrate this holiday season at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery as we pay homage to the Christmas demon the Krampus. Details here:

See you in the new year everybody!!! 🙂

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