April Tomfoolery

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Welcome to April 2016!!! Here is where me and my art will be this time around! Hope to see you out there!

April 1st:
I will have a piece in the Rejected Second Chance Art Show! Happening at The Tangent Gallery in Detroit Michigan! A group show featuring art that was rejected from other shows, projects and whatnot. Should be a blast! Check out more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1105692006160011/permalink/1119885011407377/

April 9th:
I will have a piece in the Fauna Anomaly show at Fe Gallery in Sacramento!! Curated by John Berger and featuring amazing work by Robert Bowen, Jill Allyn Stafford, Tracy Lewis, Kathy Blackburn, Jared Tharp, Christine Benjamin, Waylon Horner, Mick Sheldon, Bruce Gossett, Kim Scott, Joseph Murdach and so many more!! It will be epic! Check out the details here: http://www.fegallery.com/

April 13th:
My piece was chosen among just a handful of others to be a part of the KVIE Art Galleries first group show! And it will be on display at the PBS studio during the reception for all to see! Come visit the studio and see some art! Plus the best in show will be announced that same evening. Should be good times! Check out more details here: http://www.kvie.org/gallery/default.htm

April 22 – 24th:
Sacramento Art Glass is moving! And they are having all the art friends come and show work to send them off right! Plus, money will be raised to help them get to there new location. I will debut my giant bear head sculpture and have a few paintings thrown into the mix as well. Check out the venue details here: http://www.sacramentoartglass.com/

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  1. Cara Euler says:

    I love your work! See you at free comic day.

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